1 to 87


 1 to 87 (Works)

Various materials, dimensions 7 x 3 x 1.4 m

Miniature railway tableaux usually offer an ideal representation of landscape and of human life:
beautiful green Alpine meadows, charming towns, and cheerful fairgrounds, intersected by puffing steam trains. In 1 to 87 (2014), an expansive model railway landscape unfolds where nostalgia, reality and future perspectives collide. The work’s title refers to the scale of 1:87 determining the work’s dimensions. If at first sight the scenery looks idyllic, on closer inspection this impression begins to crumble. The viewer becomes a witness to circumstances that seem at odds with the apparent innocence of the panorama: as occupants of an allotment garden harvest vegetables, for example, a train crash occurs. Tan juxtaposes the tranquil character of model landscapes with a complex reality no longer describable by means of simple explanatory models.

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