Diptych (Works)

colour, silent
2 room, 4 channel
2 HD projectors, 2 sync HD players, 4 projection screens ca. 60 x 80 cm (w x h)
2 rooms/spaces

A visitor enters a room and may sit and watch a silent double-image film projected onto two separate screens. Upon entering the next room, which is identical to the first, the visitor is confronted with a second double projection, similar to the first but different in crucial ways. Altogether the piece consists of four synchronized projections which are color, silent and of 4:3 vertical portrait format.

Material for this work was filmed on the Swedish island of Gotland during five consecutive years – from 2006 through to 2011. Portrait shots of fifteen pairs of identical twins were filmed from exactly the same camera position on the same locations every year. In the first room one twin is visible whilst his or her sibling can be simultaneously seen in the second room. In the course of a few minutes we see a child growing up, a teenager developing, an adult growing older.

This five year project started out as a study into synchronicity and duration. I was interested in measurement – in the visual measurement of time. My choice to work with identical twins was primarily visual. I was also triggered by prevalent twin studies in genetic research, where one sibling serves as control group for the other. I see this as an accumulative work, like sedimentary residue. Only after careful and sustained looking for some time does this become apparent.

Paradoxically, rather like Zeno’s Paradox of Achilles and the tortoise I have come to see this work more as an investigation into sameness, into that which is unchanging and constant, rather than as a manifestation of change. Passing from one room to the next a viewer may feel something of a déja vu. The backdrop of contemporary Northern Europe steadily asserts itself in all its stability, safeness and predictability.


The projected was commissioned by BAC, Visby Sweden

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