Gray Glass


Gray Glass (Works)

4K video installation
black & white, stereo, loop 20 min. 33 sec.
4K video projector, 2 flatscreen monitors (47 inch), 3 media players, 3 hifi speakers, 1 surround amplifier, sync network, 1 white projection screen min. dimensions 350 cm wide

The Western idea of landscape and nature was shaped significantly by Romanticism. During this period artists often used a ‘Gray Glass’, a pocket-size black mirror. Named after the English poet Thomas Gray (1716–1771), the dark surface reduced the colour range, making it easier to render the landscape as an image. Large Italian mirrors were so expensive at the time that they had to be transported across the Alps on foot. The film installation Gray Glass accompanies such a wayfarer on his Alpine journey. For this work, Tan has shot impressive black-and-white footage in the environs of Salzburg. The mirror reflects the landscape back onto itself, like an all-seeing eye.