Island (Works)

b&w, 5:1 surround
HD projector, media player, surround amplifier, surround speakers

Island emerged from Tan’s annual excursions to Gotland, an island off the east coast of Sweden, the location of the renowned Russian film maker, Andrei Tarkovsky’s last film The Sacrifice. Filmed in black and white, Island is comprised of shots that traverse a stark landscape of trees, horizon and clouds. The slow camera work, coupled with the lack of human presence, creates a sense of unease in the viewer and evokes the feeling that time has been suspended. Voice-over narration recounts a woman’s experience and memories of an unnamed island, and allows the viewer to extrapolate meaning from the austere images presented. With Tarkovsky’s apocalyptic last film as a point of departure, Island represents for Tan an imaginary retreat in search of an appropriate individual response to threat, disruption and danger.


Voice-over spoken by Heathcote Williams

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