n.t.(Leidsestr.) (Works)

colour, silent
14 or 21 inch monitor, pedastal, media player

The concepts of time and motion are the focus of n.t.(Leidsestr.). In this fast running film the motionless artist stands in the middle of a busy Amsterdam street. For the passers-by she at once becomes an obstacle they walk around without so much as touching her. Indeed, artist’s rigidity transforms her into an object, so to speak, an object that is no longer apable of communication. The flow of moving people, on the one hand, and the fixed point of the standing artist, on the other, conjure up the dialectics of a location that finds its limitations in the harshly delimited detail of the shot. “N.t.(Leidsestr.) has a certain reticence, a closed nature, and even though I filmed it on film, it msut always be shown on a monitor, which is like a box, because this strengthens its object-like character.” writes the  artist.