Rise and Fall


 Rise and Fall (Works)

colour, stereo
2 channel
duration 26 min.
2 HD projectors, 2 media players, sync software, amplifier, stereo speakers, 2 rear projection screens: minimal dimensions: 2.5 x 1.4 m (h x w)

For her two-screen installation, Rise and Fall, Tan filmed in Niagara Falls, Belgium and the Netherlands, constructing a narrative of isolation, loss and dislocation by using water as an evocative metaphor for time and for memories of a woman’s life. Tan interperses images of an older and younger woman – depicting a story of two lives while suggesting they may be the same person – with images of moving bodies of water. The viewer is shown glimpse of intimate moments – bathing, caresses of a lover, routine make-up application – that both unite and divide these two iterations of a woman separated by time. Pointing to the ephemeral nature of human existence, Rise and Fall offers a meditation on the reflective gaze and examines how memories influence how we live in the present. The imposing scale of the installation confronts the viewer with a visceral, bodily experience and captures the tension between the past and the future, between memory and forgetting.


Commissioned by the Vancouver Artgallery