Vox Populi Switzerland


 Vox Populi Switzerland (Works)

254 individually framed colour photographs (13 x 18 cm)
dimensions: 7.5 x 2.3 m

With her Vox Populi Switzerland Fiona Tan follows on from her photographic installations Vox Populi Norway and Sydney and Tokyo. For this the artist collected amateur photographs from people’s family albums in across Switzerland. These photos featured people not previously known to her. With a selection of about 300 photographs each, the works feature the same, uniform wooden frames and are installed onto the wall into a rhythmic structure like a tableau.

The uniform and public nature of the presentation contrasts here with the individuality and privacy of the individual pictures, whilst illustrating, at the same time, people’s strong collective need to capture moments and people from their own lives and environments. Fiona Tan therefore arranged the photographs according to content-based perspectives: in this way the ever recurring selection of motifs appears to be a global phenomenon whilst their divergent imagery indicates the local and cultural context of each location. These five works, in which Fiona Tan gives shape and form to the ‘voice of the people’, are characteristic of the artistic creativity that focuses on portraiture. Each work of this series is accompanied by a beautiful publication.